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  Plans, concerts, interviews and tv shows appearances will be reported here, providing a first hand source of information about past and future accomplishments.  
  Yours Sandra   



My  concerts 2022

02.07.2022 - Otepää (Estonia) TICKETS

11.08.2022 - Chicago (USA) TICKETS

12.08.2022 - New Jersey (USA) TICKETS

13.08.2022 - New York (USA) TICKETS

14.08.2022 - Lynn (Boston) (USA) TICKETS

18.08.2022 - Houston (USA) TICKETS

19,08.2022 - San Jose (USA) TICKETS

20.08.2022 - Los Angeles (USA)  TICKETS

21.08.2022 - Los Angeles (USA) TICKETS

26.08.2022 - Craiova (Romania)

09.10.2022 - Madrid (Spain) TICKETS

21.10.2022 - Bratislava (Slovakia) TICKETS

31.10.2022 - Dortmund  (Germany) TICKETS

12.11.2022 - Düsseldorf  (Germany) TICKETS


My  concerts 2023

20.05.2023 - Prague (Czech Republic) TICKETS






Sandra Live with Band Promo Teaser

  Sandra Revue Show Promo Teaser  

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starting from August 01, 2016 none of the booking agencies has the right to exclusively represent the Artist’s interests or act exclusively as a middleman when booking Artist’s performances in any country or in any area. From this time onward concert booking shall be carried out directly via Artist’s management: management@sandra-music.com  -  Tel.: +4930868703259
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